Prom is today’s Debutante Ball


At PAPARAZZI BOUTIQUE  in Watertown, we understand that Prom is today’s Debutante Ball.  It is a right of passage that young women enter into with  excitement and anticipation.  Moms often join their daughters in the shopping experience. There are so many ware house type stores that herd their clients around like cattle.  The whole experience is turned into a carnival of long lines for the dressing room, damaged dresses and overwhelming choices that may never be the best fit for the girl who is looking. 

At PAPARAZZI, we  believe that is is a much nicer experience to come into a quaint shop, talk about what your wants are and have an expert help you find the right dress for you.  We dont carry every dress from every company ever made.  Instead , we carry a curated selection of prom dresses that offer the sophistication of making an entrance on Prom night and looking effortless.  Our mission is to help the Prom girl find the perfect dress for her so she goes to Prom feeling well put together.  At PAPARAZZI, we make sure every client  walks away satisfied and looking great.  


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